Bags and Can Liners Supplies





At Cleaning USA Janitorial Supply, we offer our customers one of the largest selections of trash bags and can liner sizes - plastic qualities available anywhere. Our trash bags and can liners can handle paper refuse, food garbage and many other items with ease. Medical facilities such as hospitals, doctor's offices and other businesses that regularly dispose of bio hazardous materials order our red can liners in order to properly identify such trash and prevent accidental contact with potentially hazardous materials.

Chemicals and Janitorial Supplies





At Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products, we know that chemicals and disinfectants are at the heart of any quality commercial janitorial program. We offer a large selection of top quality traditional and eco-friendly cleaners offered by some of the leading chemical manufacturers in the industry.

Our all purpose degreasers and multi-purpose cleaners work hard to keep your restroom facilities, food preparation and other areas where your employees and customers frequent. They are some of the top sellers at Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products.

We also offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals such as floor cleaners and topical disinfectants that not only help you maintain a beautiful work environment, but prevent the spread of communicable illness such as the flu or bacterial infections.

Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products offers one of the largest inventories of cleaning chemicals to service the largest number of customers' needs at a price point that ensures that each customer receives the best value for their money.

Facility Maintenance and Dispensers





For many companies, facility maintenance and safety suppliers are at the forefront of their janitorial supply needs. At Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products, we stock hundreds of innovative and top brand products designed to improve the safety and sanitation of your workplace.

At Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products, we offer one of the largest selections of facility maintenance and dispensers anywhere. We provide you with the quality facility maintenance and dispensers you need to keep your business clean and free from potential contaminants that can cause illness and injury among employees and customers in the workplace.

We offer a wide variety of facility maintenance supplies and dispensers to address a wide variety of industries including medical facilities, office building workspaces, break rooms, restroom facilities and more. Not only do these products help maintain a safer and more sanitary environment, they also make a great impression on your employees and potential customers.

Mops, Brooms and Brushes





With a different selection of mops, brooms and brushes you may choose the most convenient option for the floor care on your business.

Paper and Personal Sanitation Supplies





Cleaning USA Janitorial Supplies and Paper Products offers one of the largest selections of paper and personal sanitation products designed to help you keep healthy facilities.

We offer one of the most comprehensive selections of paper products and dispensers including paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and more in order to ensure we have exactly what you need to keep your facility clean and hygienic. We also offer a wide range of paper product dispensers that fit every need and budget. Our warehouse stores a huge variety of paper and sanitation products that will cover your building, business or office needs. So you can rest assured that when you need paper products, we will have it to you in a matter of days, not weeks like other companies.